On the road to recovery

A week ago my step dad fell off his roof while cleaning leaves. My younger brother tried to break his fall. After seeing where the fall happened, I’m convinced he saved my step dad’s life. My brother is a former Marine and one hell of a tough dude. My brother’s back was broken in the accident. My step dad is busted up but thankfully nothing was broken. My brother had surgery and will have a gnarly scar but he’s walking and that’s all that matters. My wife and I had planned on being there at the time we were for an early Christmas with that side of the family so of course I had a trip lined up with some of my Southern homies. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to fish but it all worked out and damned it was needed. The fish had lockjaw when it came to meat but we laughed our asses off from sunup til sundown and that is the best kind of therapy a person can get.














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Dogs dogs dogs. Why’s it always gotta be dogs?

The best part about owning two great dogs is having friends with great dogs. When that small pack becomes a big pack and everyone is cool with everyone it gives you a good feeling. When they run themselves silly chasing scents in the woods, dragging sticks through the bushes, and then at the end of the day are passed out in front of the fire, that’s an even better feeling.











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Tie One On Monday nights at People’s Brewing Company in Lafayette Indiana

On Monday nights People’s Brewing Company allows us to bring our vises and tie some flies in their facility. It runs from 6pm until 8pm. Bring your vise, bring some materials, pick a pattern, and come tie some flies with us. Oh and bring a few bucks for beer. Contact me for more information or just show up. We’re always sitting right near the garage doors

Tying Night 2015

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You at least gotta try

Twenty mile an hour winds. Stirred up water. A normal gray Midwest winter day. When it’s almost December in Indiana only a few dedicated folks are out on the water chasing that proverbial dragon. It’s always been weird to me when you call yourself a fisherman or woman and you don’t fish when the weather is not in your favor. It’s easy to fish when it’s warm and you’re in shorts and a t-shirt. It’s not as easy when your hands are numb from stripping line all day, the snot is crusted on your nose, and all you might be doing is practicing your casting but you at least gotta try.

Yesterday we only saw one person fishing a solo mission in his boat. I watched him from across the lake as he worked over forty feet of water and then headed back to a bay to get out of the winds. I like to think we were all on the same page. If we’d have been closer there might have been that nod that conveys a whole lot of info without the need for the small talk that eats away at the real purpose we’re out there on the water when so called civilized folks are warm at home. If I ever become one of those folks you have my permission to kick me in the shin.




I guess I’ll keep a gamblin..

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Krebs Poppers for those toothy critters

Very cool things are in the works..

The chewed up fly has seen a bunch of eats from musky. It’s boated a few northwoods toothies and even stuck a dirty south ski back in March on it’s first time out. The Krebs popper has been out for a few years now with the jig sets available from River Road Creations and a how to available on youtube. The musky/pike size jig sets and foam will be available sometime in the near future. The poppers pictured are tied on Partridge of Redditch 8/0 hooks and when finished properly are damn near bomb proof. The musky might chew some fur and feathers off but that foam is stuck to that hook permanently.



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Pig Farm Ink Dirty South in Asheville, NC – December 6th

On December 6th if you’re in the Asheville area you should head out to the Iron Fly night after the WNC Expo. If you wanna see some pics from last year’s event check the link below.


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My Life in Fishing: Favorite Long Stories Told Short by Stu Apte a new book from Stonefly Press

My Life in Fishing cvr

A new book is coming out from Stonefly Press and it’s going to be a good one. It’s personal stories from Stu Apte. If you don’t know who that is you should head over to google and do some searching or buy the book. There’s a forward from Thomas McGuane, stories that include people like Harry and Bess Truman, Ted Williams, and Earnest Hemingway. Here’s an overview of what the book holds in store for you…

Stu Apte is one of the most recognized and storied figures in saltwater fishing – in all of fishing – and a larger-than-life legend in the sport. He has held, or still holds, over six dozen IGFA world records for various species, gear, line, and tippet. In My Life in Fishing, as only the most accomplished captain and guide can, he shares his tips and insights gleaned from this lifelong pursuit for any and every species, including especially giant tarpon. These are his favorite personal stories, about world records, and winds, and tides, and patterns, and flies, but also about the remarkable people who have fished their way through his life. There are stories and glimpses that you won’t find in other history books – an amusing episode with Harry and Bess Truman on board Stu’s skiff, an impromptu side-of-the-road meeting with baseball hall-of-famer Ted Williams that led to a forty-year friendship, and an afternoon of drinking Cuban mojitos aboard Pilar with Earnest Hemingway that includes Hemingway’s own mojito recipe. My Life in Fishing is more than a collection of engaging stories and fly fishing pointers; it is a glimpse of the development and evolution of the sport, and of saltwater fly fishing at its highest level, through the eyes and anecdotes of the only man who can tell the stories. My Life in Fishing is a seminal work to be treasured by everyone who shares his passion for the sport and the stories that surround it.

The book is 240 pages, comes out on November 30, 2014 and costs $29.95. You can pre-order it here http://stoneflypress.com/my-life-in-fishing

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I love poppers

Anyone who has fished with me knows my obsession with poppers. I love them. My grandfather used to give me balsa poppers to use for bass and bluegill when I was a kid and it’s snowballed from there some 30 years later. There’s just something amazing about seeing the eat.

Recently a Canada Post envelope showed up in my mailbox. Inside it, a blue box, a note, and some of the most badass poppers I’ve ever held. The flies were tied by Brendan Toner. Some of you might know who he is. Brendan and Amber Payliss run The Bug Parade and are both some of the most talented folks I’ve ever seen. They’re also incredibly fishy folks. If you’re ever looking for inspiration from some beautiful photography, head on over to their site.

Amber and Brendan, thank you so much. I owe you guys.





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1972 Honda CB450

Over a decade ago my father in law gave me this bike to restore. It’s a 1972 Honda CB450. I gave it to a friend’s dad because I didn’t have the means to restore it at the time. I bought a 1981 Honda CB650 Nighthawk and rode that until I sold it to a friend. I’ve always thought about this bike and asked my friend about it last year to see if they still had it in storage at their farm. Nothing came of it but recently my friend asked me if I wanted the bike back. They were selling the farm and were cleaning it up and getting rid of everything in storage. I jumped at the chance. I’ve always wanted a cafe racer and I have a blank canvas. It’s rough but the frame is solid. I have friends who know how to do body and paint work, friends who can weld, and friends who know electrical so this will be one really fun project over the next few years. I don’t expect to be done before 2017 and that’s being generous.










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Musky Camp 2014

The yearly October musky trip was a success. Musky were caught. I didn’t fall in, my boat still floats, and no food poisoning this year. All pluses in my book.

I keep trying to make words flow out but nothing is forthcoming from my brain to the page. Photos will have to do.








While I didn’t best my fish from last year, I did catch a musky on a popper in late October. I moved a bunch more on it as well. Nothing in my book can beat a topwater take from a musky. That wake, then the slashing, then the eat is just plain incredible to watch happen. I met some new friends, saw some new waters, and had a ton of laughs. That to me is the adventure. The fishing is secondary. At least that’s what I tell myself..

You can see some photos that Zane Porter took right here http://flyfishingruinslives.wordpress.com/2014/10/23/musky-camp-14/.

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