We tied one on at People’s 1-19-15

Driving to the brewery last night the sky was pretty amazing. The beauty in a winter wasteland is a real gift from the molecules and particles who are busy scattering across the sky causing the hues we see here.
We might be small in number but we’re doing something few others do and it’s what keeps me wanting to do it. Not many people have the opportunity to tie in a brewery and for that I am incredibly thankful to People’s Brewing Company for letting us show up on Monday nights and have a few hours of fun.
Gary started tying the first of what I’m sure will be many musky flies last night.
Abel, who works at People’s and is one of the major reasons this event was able to start last winter, got a tying kit for Christmas this year. He’s got the wooly bugger down. Next week will be a Clouser minnow pattern.
Rex is a dubbing machine. He makes his own and is a mad scientist. Here he’s showing Abel how to apply dubbing to thread.

If you’re close to Lafayette, Indiana on a Monday night, stop in at People’s and see us. Tie a few flies with us or just hang out. Anything is better than sitting in front of a screen at home.

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Poppers poppin’ past pugnacious pike

As winter’s grip on Indiana has lessened over the weekend, the jumble of thoughts in my head focused on one single truth. The are lots of one single truths out there but this one is the one single truth for the moment. Musky and pike and all other sorts of predator fish are waiting to eat helpless ducks, mice, and stunned or dying fish on top of the water. I want to throw something to them that will make them eat top water. I need that fix. I need to see that blow up, that watery explosion of awesome power and stunning violence that causes you to have a primal reaction at the top of your lungs. It’s a wordless noise that comes from deep inside and is exulted as loudly as you can make it leave your body. It’s as close as I’ll come to a religious experience. I’ve heard heroin addicts describe chasing that high and I can relate, minus the unhealthy part involving needles in veins. It’s been 4 months since I last saw a top water eat from a musky. I relive it daily and that feeling, that rush, it comes back weaker and weaker. I have an unhealthy addiction and I know it. The good thing is it only hurts me and even then it’s only mentally as the long winter months drone on. Okay, it might hurt the poor bastard who has to listen to me ramble on about my dislike of cold and hatred of all things ice fishing. Dear spring, if you could, would you mind hurrying up?


I only sorta kid about that ice fishing thing. I don’t need excuses to drink.


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Tie One On at People’s 1-19-15

Mondays can suck. Tying flies with us at People’s Brewing Company does not suck. Make your Monday suck less. 6-8pm at People’s Brewing Company in beautiful Lafayette, Indiana
Tying Night 2015

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Dogs. Always dogs.

If my dogs have taught me one thing, it’s that you should always make some time in the day to just play.









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Tie One On at People’s Brewing Company 2015

2015 is here. Man that’s weird to say out loud. Twen-ty Fif-teeeeen. I remember sitting in my grandmother’s house watching television as the New Years Eve ball dropped and we rang in 1990. My first thought was, “well here comes the end of the world.” I was a weird kid and the shitty 80’s movies about commies and doomsday nuke scenarios didn’t help my constant thoughts that we were all gonna end up like the people in that tv movie The Day After. But it’s now 2015. The 2000 scare didn’t kill us. The preppers still might be hiding in their bunkers but this ball of dirt is still spinning around like a Dead Or Alive song. (If you’ve clicked on that link and are watching that song, I want you to remember how damned terrible the 1980s could truly be.)

So 2015 is here in all it’s frozen Midwest glory. Tying nights have started and the good beer is flowing from the taps at People’s. If you want to stop by to tie, to learn, or just to hang out we’re there every Monday night from 6pm until 8pm. It’s open tying so you can bring whatever you want to tie.

For directions to People’s Brewing Company click here

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Happy birthday, Finn

What better way to celebrate your birthday than losing your nuts? My little puppy, who is pushing 85 pounds, and not so little anymore turns a year old today. He was neutered on the 6th and is on the mend now. Hard to keep a dog of his energy level low. I have to keep reminding him he’s a recovering patient. He doesn’t seem to understand the words I’m saying. Odd.


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Indiana Fly Fishing Expo

On January 10th and 11th at the Indianapolis Fairgrounds fly fisherman will take over. If you are in the area stop by and check it out.


his will be the first year for the Indiana Fly Fishing Expo. The show will feature fly fishing guides, fly shops, and fly tyers from across the Midwest. In addition to the shops, guides, and tyers, there will be sales reps from all the major fly fishing brands displaying all of the new products for 2015. The show will feature seminars on fly fishing for various species, destinations, tips to improve your fly fishing skills, and fly tying as well. The show will be held for two days, January 10th (Saturday 9am-5pm) and January 11th (Sunday 10am-4pm), at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the Ag-Hort Building. Please come join us for two great days dedicated to fly fishing.


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New Years Hike

Happy New Years everyone. Hope the hangovers are subsiding and those drunk resolutions are memories of the past. You only need one resolution and it should be an everyday thing until you’re on the other side of the dirt. Live a good life.






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Saturday afternoon I got a text from an old friend who I hadn’t seen in person since probably 2002. We’d talked on facebook a handful of times these past few years about getting together and skating but it never fell into place because life is like that. His car had broken down on the highway near my town. He asked if I could help and since I was bored and puttering around the garage like an old man I jumped in the truck, called another friend who hooked up the tow truck, and met my buddy on the highway to wait on the wrecker. We got to reminisce on growing up, what’s happened in our lives as we’ve both marched into our 30s and all the good and bad that’s happened since we were kids.
His car was broke the shop said. Threw timing and had some internals damaged. Sunday a car trailer was rented, my truck was saddled up, and we hauled that little CRX back north. I also grabbed my skateboard and camera.

My buddy and some of his friends own a private skatepark. How many people can say that? He took a dream and ran with it. He’s a carpenter and so his ramps are amazingly well built. The transitions are smooth, just like you’d want them to be. There’s none of that weirdness that comes when people who don’t skate build parks. I hadn’t touched a mini ramp since probably 2004 and was betting on eating shit a lot. I didn’t and it felt good though the muscles right now feel abused and spongy. It’s amazing what your body remembers and wants to do. I guess it’s time to get back into shape and start living again. You’re never as free as you are when you land a trick you’ve been working on for days. I miss that feeling so I figure why not, at 35, go chase it again?

We had a little session and I got to take some pictures. Pretty damned good way to end the weekend.









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Oi! To The World

Here’s some music to get you through the holidays.

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